About Us

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Hey, thanks for visiting our website! Loveshack Industries was founded by Steve and Marianne on a simple idea; offer a neat product that didn’t previously exist. Along the way we thought of more ideas and LI has slowly grown to offer travel advice and a few other items. Honestly, we love RV'ing and wanted to turn our joy into a business by providing folks with fun products that would make their camping happier.  

We're really happy with our product line and get out in the trailer as much as possible to do product testing and get away from emails, bills, and responsibilities. We feel that RV'ing is the absolute best way to explore our western forests, monuments, and parks and that exploration, with people you love, is time well spent. This is the Loveshack philosophy and we work really hard to keep that focus and share our joy with you through our fun products and quality advice. 

Thanks so much for visiting and we hope you'll share this site with your friends! Happy Camping :)

Steve & Marianne, Nampa, Idaho, USA